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Timer Output Compare mode change in STM32F4

Question asked by a.m.a on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by a.m.a
I'm trying to run a bldc motor with stm32f407 IC. The most common method to do that is six-step mode control. I configured TIM1 in complementary mode. but as you know, timer mode must be changed during each step.
For example, TIM1 channel 1 CCx and CCxN should be in PWM1 mode in one step and it changes to forcedaction_InActive mode on the next step. My problem is that in some steps, both CCx and CCNx should be zero simultaneously and it seems there is no mode defined for that! what can i do? i tried to disable CCx and CCxN during those steps but when i do that both of them goes high! I use "TIM_SelectOCxM() function to change the modes and TIM_CCxCmd() and TIM_CCxNCmd()  to enable and disable TIM outputs.
Thanks for your help.