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STM32F429 USB error code 10

Question asked by dupont.thibault on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by dupont.thibault
Hi Everyone,

I'm currently working on a STM32F429NIH6 with the Cube library and I have some issue with the USB.

I configured it as a cdc connection in device mode only. The problem is that on certain USB port (PC side) its working well, I send and recieve data correctly. But on other USB port I got the following error in the device proprety on windows : "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".

I tested on more than just my PC and it's the same everywhere, some USB work and some don't. The version of the USB (v2 or v3) seems to have no direct influence, some USB3 work whereas other don't. Same for USB2.

I ran out of idea, do some of you have any clue about this issue?

Here are some additionnal information :
* The PCB is custom
* I generated the USB code with CubeMX v4.13.0
* The Cube library I use is v.1.2.1
* USB uses pins A12..11 without vbus.
* USB is in Full Speed mode
* USB uses intern PHY

Thanks in advance and best regards

edit : added some extra information