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STM32F4 TFT Swipe

Question asked by matatyahu.doron on May 29, 2016


I'm using STM32F429 with tft of 640X480 with touch.

I want to simulate the effect of screen swipe – as in Smartphone: When the user swipe it's finger the screen is moving to that direction and another screen is entering.

 I know how to do that using 3 screens:

1 for the current display

1 for the exist screen

1 for the new screen

I need to copy every step part from screen 2 & 3 to screen 1 – this is the old way solution…


When I read about the STM32F429 it seems that it has many TFT option. (Layers , DMA2D..)


Is there any other SIMPLE option to do this swipe simulation without copy every time parts of the screen? Maybe there is a short way using the layers or just the registers that telling the TFT where to start.


I Assume that the easiest way is if I could have the 2 screen in memory – and by only manipulate the screen pointer (start of frame) I can show each part of the 2 screens?


I Also watch some demo (Like a Pac-Man game) that the display of the STM32F429 show only part of a big picture – But I can't get that sample code to understand the manipulation…


Any suggestions?