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Micrel Switch interface

Question asked by soldavin.keith.002 on May 26, 2016
I am currently working on a project where I would like to interface an stm32f407 controller to a Micrel KSZ8895 Ethernet switch. The switch has a MII interface that should allow me to connect directly to one of the ports which also has a built in MAC. I have been trying to follow the documentation to get the connection set up correctly but I have not had any luck even reading the MII registers. I am using the reference board for the switch and according to the wiring, the MDIO / MCD lines are not used in this configuration. I am confused as to how to access the MII registers without this connection.

I am pretty confident that the software is set up correctly as I am using the same software on a different board to talk successfully to a PHY chip.

If anyone has an suggesting or perhaps has done a project like this before I would appreciate the help.

Thank you