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ARD-OTTO-STM32: First Arduino board based on STM32 ARM® Cortex®-M MCU

Question asked by Amel N Employee on May 20, 2016
STMicroelectronics and Arduino Launch Cooperation to Expand Maker-Community Access to STM32 MCUs and Sensors

STM32F469-based STAR Otto baseboard is the first product of the STAR (ST and Arduino) program. 
It is the first Arduino™board including high-performance graphics, display support, and Wi-Fi link to enable users to create connected systems with amazing visual and audio experience.


STAR Otto presents to the Arduino environment exceptional performance from the 32-bit STM32F469 MCU thanks to:
  •  ST’s Chrom-ART™ graphics accelerator
  •  MIPI DSI display interface
  •  Open-source software graphics library
  •  Pre-integrated wireless link and audio capabilities, enabled by an ST MEMS microphone together with the necessary open-source drivers
IoT developers and other makers can build high-performance graphics into their smart devices using accessible hardware and software to improve their applications with easy-to-use touch displays and audio for command and control as well as for media-streaming use cases.

ARD-OTTO-STM32 will be demonstrated at the Bay Area Maker Faire, May 20-22 2016.
Next planning for ST & Arduino cooperation: DSI-display and NFC-reader shields are planned for Q2 2016 and a Sensor shield is scheduled to be available in H2 2016. 

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