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STM32L4 USB low power stop

Question asked by goosen.kobus.001 on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Peter Kuhar
I am porting an existing design from an F107 to a L4 micro in the hopes that I can push sleep current below 50uA.
Currently I have only one barrier to achieving this low power: the USB device peripheral. No matter What I do, once the USB has been initialised, I can't get stop1 current below ~200uA.  
I have tried calling USBD_DeInit and USBD_Stop before stopping, but this only got me down to the 200uA. I have seen some forum posts ( related to the F4 saying that VBus sensing can account for this, but I have checked and the GCCFG register is completely reset after DeInit.
Does anyone have any ideas? I an using the latest Cube L4 HAL libraries, V1.4.