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Software DFU : where are targets and available sectors specified ?

Question asked by JulienD on May 12, 2016
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I need a custom DFU bootloader. I started from the one given as example with Cube 1.5.
It is located in  STM32Cube_FW_L1_V1.5.0\Projects\STM32L152D_EVAL\Applications\USB_Device\DFU_Standalone

With this, I succeeded in bootloading my own small test application on the device (STM32L152ZDT).
Then, I tried to upload a bigger app. The upload is ok but the apps doesn't work.

In DFUse demo app, and the hardware bootloader, I can see that there are 1536 available sectors of 256 bytes each which sounds right (1536/4= 384K).
On the other hand, with the software bootloader, the number of available sectors shown is 96 which obviously is a wrong value and is really less than what
I need to store my app. Another curious thing is that each sector has a size of 1Kb while the reference manual of the microcontroler shows that a sector is 256 bytes.

I went through the code but didn't find where those 96 are specified. I found the following constants:

#define USBD_DFU_APP_DEFAULT_ADD               0x08007000 /*ADDR_FLASH_PAGE_14*/
#define USBD_DFU_APP_END_ADD                   0x08020000 /*ADDR_FLASH_PAGE_64*/

I changed the second one to

#define USBD_DFU_APP_END_ADD                   0x08060000 /*ADDR_FLASH_PAGE_64*/

which suits better the 384K of flash but that did not change what's shown in DFUse app. In fact, the code shows that this variable is used only to erase the flash.

In DFUse demo app, if I double click on the target 0 with 96 sectors, I can see that sectors from 0 to 11 are only readable. I suspect that, this is where the bootloader
is located but once again, I can't find where this information comes from.

My questions are:
- Where, in the code of the software bootloader, can I find the definition of the targets, sectors and their characteristics ?
- What are the only readable sectors and where are they defined ?

Joined :
- two captures of  DFUse demo app, one with hardware bootloader and one with software bootloader.
- code of the demo bootloader.