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HW STM32F205 USB DP/DM signals 3v is this safe when using Full speed?

Question asked by hermansson.mikael on May 11, 2016
We have designed a product with STM using USB fullspeed internally connected to an embedded Intel CPU and have one question related to voltage used on the STM32.

Is it safe to run STM32 with 3volt when using USB? I have seen some people saying that DP/DM must be 3.3v when using USB? But some says it is safe with 3v since USB is differential signaling?

Notice that USB VBUS is not connected. No pullup to VBUS since (re)enumeration did not work when restart STM.

More exactly designs looks like this STM32:

VCC = 3v
DP <--> PC HUB 
DM <--> PC HUB
ID = N.C.