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STM32F767 in action :-)

Question asked by christensen.flemming on May 10, 2016
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I was working on a new design, using an STM32F745, when I noticed a couple of weeks ago, that Farnell had some of the new 767's available. Since I could use some more program memory and SRAM, I immediately purchased a handfull, and replaced the 745 in my project, with a 767. I uploaded my firmware made for the 745 to it, and it worked right away. Amazing!

Now, a couple of weeks later, I have tweaked my firmware to take advantage of the 192 KB (!!!) extra SRAM, and I have done a lot of performance testing.

A really great thing about this new processor, is that the QUADSPI error on the 745, where it was loading extra bytes at the end of a read transfer, has been fixed in the 767. That is really awesome. Now you can really use the QUADSPI at full speed, without having to take special care.

I have been working with processors for 16 years, and I must say, that the 767 is the best processor I have ever worked with. Thank you so much ST for making this! Keep up your amazing work. I hope that you will enjoy a video showing my anAmoNo X synthesizer, powered by an STM32F767: