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Tim 15 reset timer 1.

Question asked by Lemjee on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by Clive One
Hi everyone.

I'M using a STM32F302CB. I'm using many timers in the application. I had a problem that I find a solution with 2 timers, but I don't understand the reason why.

Timer configuration:
  • The timer 1 is using to generate a PWM 20Khz with a varibale duty cycle updated every cycle.
  • Timer timer 15 channel 1 and 2 is using to generate a stepper signal (A and B).
Problem explanation:
When the timer 15 reaches the configured value, it is reset to 0. In cubeMX, the option Master/Slave Mode was at Enable (sync between this TIM (Master) and its slave (trhought TRGO)). At this moment, the timer TIM1 was also reset to 0. The TIM1 Master/slave mode is at disable (no sync...). TRGO and TRGO2 is at reset.

Whye timer 1 is resetting?

Any help or precision?