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Bi-directional Parallel ports

Question asked by richard on May 6, 2016
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Short question: What is the recommended way to implement a bi-directional data bus on STM32 using the HAL?

Longer version: Our code needs to interface to a LCD controller over a 8-bit bi-directional bus. To do this, we need to rapidly reconfigure the GPIO pins between input and output. We clearly do not want to have to call Init functions repeatedly within transactions.

In the good old days of the Standard Peripheral Libraries, it was okay to augment these family-specific libraries with functions that wrote directly to the registers and, in this way, provide a fast way to reconfigure the ports. But, in this new age of "The HAL", that is not appropriate, unless we either implement the function for all STM32 variants or go against the ethic of hardware abstraction.

What is the recommended way to extend the Hardware Abstraction libraries to provide the essential functions that are missing?

Thanks, Richard