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DFU File Manager 3.0.4

Question asked by seabrook.bob on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Amel N
This program told me that it successfully created a DFU file (from a binary file) in the directory path that I provided, but the DFU file was NOT there!!! Where might it be? Has anyone else had this problem? My destination path is rather long.

was where DFU File Manager put my files.
Today when experimenting with DfuSe Demo 3.0.4:
I clicked the [Choose.. ] button in the "Upgrade or verify action" frame,
...and there were all my lost *.dfu files that I had TOLD DFU File Manager 3.04 to save in folder;
Using Windoze7 (32bit)(x86).

Oh dear!!
The .dfu files that appear to be in C:\Windows\System32 are inaccessible.
When I drag one of these dfu files to another folder, windows says it does not exist.
When I explore folder C:\Windows\System32 with windows explorer,
the files are not even listed.
What is going on?

reverting to version 3.0.2 was the reluctant solution in the end.
What would we do without Clive1 making that old version available to us?
Thank you Clive1 for that (indirect) link ahead.