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BOOT DFU USB with STM32F427 dont work

Question asked by carlitos_litos on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by carlitos_litos


I have develop a board where may install STM32F407, STM32F405 or STM32F427. Board is always same, and work perfect with F405 and F407 about the BOOT option to upload firmware by DFU USB.

But when I install an F427, and connect it in BOOT mode, Windows never recognize it, though firmware that also use USB work perfect with same board/MCU.

Do not know what happen, why Windows do not recognize USB device STM32F427 when put it in BOOT mode to upload firmware by DFU USB.

Somebody may help me about it ?.

I have do already a lot of tests and never work. Seem more a problem about drivers because of Windows do not recognize it, but work perfect DFU USB and Boot with STM32F405 and F407, same computer, same board.

And I have test already with at least 10 boards, so its not a defective board, also test with same amount of STM32F427 microcontrollers, Windows always say "Unknow device" when connect it in boot mode, but only with F427, with F405 and F407 always work fine.

Thank you.