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Boot Loader: Secure Read/Write or Custom Boot Loader Starting Point?

Question asked by lacerenza.peter on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by wolff.roger
I am getting started in developing for the STM32F407.
One thing that is certain is that I will need either secure read/write (i.e. passcode-protected), or encrypted read/write (i.e. data read out not immediately readible/usable).  I'm finding in my research that the standard STM32 boot loader does not fall into either of these categories, so my question here is two-fold:

1.) Are there any currently-existing boot loaders with either of these capabilities? (If so: recommendations?)  Obviously this is preferable: less development work.

2.) How would I get started on my own custom boot loader?
I'm not finding much documentation on this, aside from where in flash the boot loader should reside (top of Flash for System Memory boot mode).  I'm hoping I'm overlooking something in within the several application notes and the ref. manual.

Finally, a last question:
I want USART and CAN capabilities with this to do the read/write of sw (Flash).  If I do not use the default STM32 embedded bootloader, am I still limited to the same peripherals (USART 1 or 3, CAN2), or do I have all options available to me, based on how that other bootloader is written?

Thank you for any assistance that can be provided!