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X-Nucleo-IDB04A1 interface STM32F217

Question asked by manuel.ivan on Jul 25, 2016

I want to interface X-Nucleo-IDB04A1 (BlueNRG) with STM32F217 (using STM3221G Eval board). I have used the SensorDemo in X-cube-ble1 (for X-Nucleo-IDB04A1 and Nucleo-L053R8 ) and I have re-adpated the files to be compatible with STM3221G Eval board, that is the port mapping and all drivers, I run the code and i find no errors. I load the application and I get nothing when testing with my Android phone 4.4 (BLE compliant). 

Could anybody give me some tips on how I can work this around? Thanks

Steps I have taken into this approach:
1- Connect the pins to Corresponding SPI pins
2- Include all drivers for the STM32F217 to be recognized by the compiler
3-add lines to USE the STM322xG_Eval in all relevant files (C and h)
4-Check relevant include paths, and files
5- Build all target (no errors) and load