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STM32L1 : interrupts not fired during flash programming

Question asked by JulienD on May 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 8, 2016 by JulienD

I experiment a strange behaviour while saving some data in flash:
Some interrupts are not fired as they are when not flashing.
Timer11 is "nearly ok", tick is not, uart reception is not.

The joined logic analyzer screen capture shows it.
The program is running an infinite loop and based to the rtc writes data in flash
roughly every 2s.
- data are received through uart. An interrupt echoes immediatly the received byte
to another uart.
- timer11 interrupts and toggle high and low a pin
- tick interrupts and toggle high and low a pin.

The capture shows :
Line 1 : state of the program :  high during writing to flash.
Line 2 : one pulse each time tick interrupt is fired.
Line 3 : uart input
Line 4 : echo of the uart input
Line 5 : one pulse each time timer 11 interrupts.

What I see is that during flash writing:
- the tick interrupt is fired around 3 times less
- uart receive interrupt is fired "sometimes".
- Timer11 interrupt has a small time offset but is fired and many times as it should.

Is it a regular behaviour ?
Is there a solution / work around ?
Some other experiments i did show that it is the same when using eeprom.