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STM32/JTAG programming interface doubts

Question asked by pehls.jeferson.001 on Apr 29, 2016
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STM32 programming interface doubts

Hello all.

I'm new to ST microcontrollers (STM32 in this case) and JTAG interface. I'm doing the schematic of a project where one of these microcontrollers will be used:
- STM32F401RCT6, STM32F373CCT6 or STM32F091CCT6

-> For the 2 first part numbers, I noticed that:
TMS = pin PA13
TCK = pin PA14
TDO = pin PB3
TDI = pin PA15 
nRST = pin 7

-> For the 3rd part number, I noticed that:
TMS = pin PA13 (SWDIO)
TCK = pin PA14 (SWCLK)
TDO = ???
TDI = ??? 
nRST = pin 7

-> TRST signal is on PB4 for the 2 first part numbers. For the 3rd part number, I didn't found.

-> My doubts are:

(1) Is TMS always on pin PA13, TCK always on pin PA14, TDO always on pin PB3 and TDI always on pin PA15 for STM32 family?

(2) Can I obtain the minimum JTAG programming interface by using TMS, TCK, TDO, TDI and nRST? (5 pins), plus GND and VDD?

(3) Are TDO/TDI signals of programmer directly connected TDO/TDI signals (respectively) of STM32 MCU? Or do I need to cross the signals? For example, connecting TDO of programmer to TDI of STM32 MCU and TDI of programmer to TDO of STM32 MCU?

(4) Is the TRST signal required for programming? Or do I need just the nRST of programmer connected to nRST pin of STM32 MCU?

I'm planning to use the ST-LINK/V2 programmmer, together with a 20-to-10 pin adapter board/cable:

ST-LINK/V2 programmmer:

20-to-10 pin JTAG adapter:

As seen in the 10 pin connector, the TRST signal isn't used, only VDD, GND, TMS, TCK, TDO, TDI, nRST...

Regards in advance.