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STM32 oscillator not starting

Question asked by dbrown on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by dbrown
I'm using the STM32F105R8 on a custom 4 layer board.  Boot0 is pulled to ground via a 10k resistor.  Boot1 is floating.

The board is based on some open hardware with associated open source software.  I'm using the same crystal and caps as the reference hardware does.

I'm able to program it using segger J-Flash lite (see image attached below).

But, it doesn't appear that the code is actually running.  When I probe the oscillator pins, I see something, but it's basically noise.  Not a nice wave like I was expecting.  So I'm thinking this is why the code isn't running. 

This is the crystal I'm using:

And this is the 8pf capacitor I'm using:

The schematic and layout are attached below.

Does anybody know why it's not starting?