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STM32F427 CAN2

Question asked by White.John on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by White.John
I have configured CAN1 and CAN2 with CubeMX.
The CAN1 Transmit and Receive in Polling works fine, but CAN2 appears not to work in Transmit, I have changed the handle in the working code from hcan1 to hcan2, the HAL_CANx_Init structure is the same, i.e Prescaler, SJW, BS1, BS2, etc.
When configuring CubeMX it askes if CAN1 is master and CAN2 slave, does this mean that CAN2 can only receive or is different to CAN1.
I am driving CAN into a PEAK unit for debug purposes.
Help would be appreciated.  KR John W