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STM32F429NIH6 interfacing with Memory

Question asked by nachiappan.shanmugam on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by nachiappan.shanmugam
     I have interfaced two SDRAM and two NAND flash with STM32F429NIH6 Microcontroller. I have shared the 16-bit data bus with all of the devices mentioned above. All are operating with 3.3V supply, SDRAM CKE and CS# are individual signals for each device. Input capacitance for SDRAM is 6pf max and NAND flash is 10pf max. 

Is the Microcontroller can able to source without any malfunction or should we need to provide any bidirectional buffer in between Microcontroller and Memory devices?

Quick response is highly appreciable.
Thanks in advance.
Shanmugam N