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'Internal Command Error' after MSI range 0

Question asked by cheng_sing.koh on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2011 by cheng_sing.koh
I was using uV4.21 with STM32L-Discovery.
I changed the MSI speed to range 0 (around 65.536 kHz), debugged and ran the program.
The program ran slowly, as expected.
Then I coded to change the MSI speed to another range.
However, whenever I clicked 'debug', the 'internal command error' appeared.
The program (MSI range 0) downloaded previous could still run on the board.
But the uV4 IDE always gave the same error.
I tried with IAR and it said that the CPUID is not valid or things like that.
What error did I make ?
How can I recover the board ?