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STM32F405OE : Cannot connect with ST-Link

Question asked by Vermaak.Dirk on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by Vermaak.Dirk

We are experienced STM32 developers but we are having a real problem connecting to a new card, containing an STM32F405OE device. (the WLCSP 90 pin package).

No matter what we have tried, the ST-LINK utility (v3.8.0) will not compete it;s connection to the device (using the SW interface). Looking at the debug trace (attached) we see that it appears to succeed in communicating with the chip, but then reaches the reset stage and fails.

We have scoped the VCAP pins and they are at 1.2V. The NRST pin rises very nicely to 3.3V and we can see SWCLK and SWIO switching using a scope.

Has anyone seen a similar issue or can anyone advise as to what the trace means.