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IS_USART_BAUDRATE up to 7.5 Mbit/s is wrong for STM32F4xx

Question asked by diez.r on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by Clive One
Hi all:

On an STM32F407 with the Standard Peripheral Library 1.5.0, I tried to configure USART6 to the documented maximum of 10.5 Mbit/s, and I got an assert in USART_Init().

The problem is here:

#define IS_USART_BAUDRATE(BAUDRATE) (((BAUDRATE) > 0) && ((BAUDRATE) < 7500001))

That definition allows a value up to 7.5 Mbit/s. Is that a bug in the library? I just checked, and the Standard Peripheral Library 1.6.1 has the same values in IS_USART_BAUDRATE().

Thanks in advance,