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uSD Card time of read file problem

Question asked by st_user1 on Apr 20, 2016

Hi Every body... 

Recently i wrote a program to read a file from uSDHC Card 4GB for infinite loop. Purpose is check the total time of reading a file (eg mp3 file). The code is so simple and noting have any complexity. When the program run, the file started to read normally and every total time of read will store in an array. But when the counter of array will increase to 2000, the total time started to increase. when i reset the program and hardware and start the program to check total time of reading again, the total time is same as before reset.
This is a my Code : uSD eclipse Project code. The connection is SPI and i tested it with DMA and without DMA, but the results were the same.

Can you tell me where is my mistake... ?