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STM32f30 EOC flag

Question asked by Vycas.Arturas.001 on Apr 19, 2016
Hello, i have a question about ADC operation and EOC flag on stm32f30 mcu. Let'say i have a single conversion mode and i want to read 5 channels (let's also say that for some unbelievable reasons i can't use DMA for that). Now i am starting a conversion by setting the ADSTART bit in the ADC_CR register. When the first channel conversion is completed, i will get EOC flag set. And the question comes here: will second ADC channel conversion start automatically, or it will wait and start second channel conversion only after i read the ADC_DR register(which will clear EOC flag). To be more specific:
Will i loose data of converted ADC_channels, if i do something like this in the loop with delay being too big?
  1. for(i = 0; i <5; i++)
  3. {
  5.      delay(x_cycles);
  7.      data[i] = ADC->DR;
  9. }