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STM32F4 USB HID - Problem Win8/10 - Device Selective Suspended

Question asked by Mig on Apr 18, 2016

since Windows 8 and 10 I have Problems with my USB HID.

I'm using the STM USB HID Stack and the demo VB project from JANAXELSON.COM.

If I connect the STM32F407 via USB the connection works for ~1sec. 
Afterwards the USB_HID_STATUS changes from USB_HID_CONNECTED to 

Workaround (not practically) is to change the variables in the registry from 1 to 0:
AllowIdleIrpInD3          = 0
DeviceSelectiveSuspended     = 0
EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled     = 0
SelectiveSuspendEnabled          = 0

In Windows (Printers and Devices) the device is correct registered, but in 
a kind of suspend mode. If I start the software before I plugg the USB cable,
the Software recognizes this and connects to STM32F4. Afterwards the device
remains 'online' and do not go to the suspend mode.

I'm looking for a solution either on PC side, or on the STM32F4 USB stack:

PC Side (Preferred, I'm using Visual Studio Express 2015 - VB.Net)
Are there functions that checks the power state of the USB HID and somehow 'wake up'
the device before writing/reading via fileStreamdevicedata?
Or, to deactivate the USB Selective Suspend for this device (not all USB devices) to 
avoid the device to suspend.

USB Stack
Can the desciptors be changed to avoid Windows 8/8.1/10 to set the device
into other mode than D0 (eg. D3 DeviceSelectiveSuspended).