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STM32F103 Issues with CAN TX Mailboxes

Question asked by Patassa.Stefano on Apr 16, 2016
I'm working on a cpu intensive project involving CAN bus.

My idea is to use all the 3 available TX mailboxes.
I do my processing, fill up the mailboxes and trigger the transmission. Transmission is started just after filling the relative mailbox

The problem is that all the mailboxes are flagged as successful transmission but i receive only two mailboxes out of 3
It's interesting that the Mailbox relative to the missing message is succesfully transmitted if i set the TIxR.TXRQ in the debugger...

I've tried different combinations of IDs:
Test #1:
Mailbox 0 -> ID=1 -> Received
Mailbox 1 -> ID=2 -> Missing
Mailbox 2 -> ID=3 -> Received
Test #2:
Mailbox 0 -> ID=3 -> Received
Mailbox 1 -> ID=2 -> Received
Mailbox 2 -> ID=1 -> Missing

I'm using ABOM and TXFP is disabled. No changes noticed in the behaviour if TXFP enabled.

Anyone encountered this behaviour before? Any suggestion?