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LCD in 8080 mode with STM32F429 FMC

Question asked by benner.jens.002 on Apr 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by benner.jens.002
Hi all,

I have trouble getting a LDC Display on the STM32F429 FMC to work in 8080 Mode. I use the same hardware connection like withe STMF4Discovery Expansion Board and the STM32F4DIS-LCD Modul.

FMC_D0   (PD14)  -> LCD_D0
FMC_D1   (PD15)  -> LCD_D1
FMC_D2   (PD0)   -> LCD_D2
FMC_D3   (PD1)   -> LCD_D3
FMC_D4   (PE7)   -> LCD_D4
FMC_D5   (PE8)   -> LCD_D5
FMC_D6   (PE9)   -> LCD_D6
FMC_D7   (PE10)  -> LCD_D7
FMC_D8   (PE11)  -> LCD_D8
FMC_D9   (PE12)  -> LCD_D9
FMC_D10  (PE13)  -> LCD_D10
FMC_D11  (PE14)  -> LCD_D11
FMC_D12  (PE15)  -> LCD_D12
FMC_D13  (PD8)   -> LCD_D13
FMC_D14  (PD9)   -> LCD_D14
FMC_D15  (PD10)  -> LCD_D15
FMC_A0   (PF0)   -> LCD_DC
FMC_NOE  (PD4)   -> LCD_RD
FMC_NWE  (PD5)   -> LCD_WR
FMC_NE1  (Pd7)   -> LCD_CS

The Hardware configuration must be OK because I'm able to read out the correct ID of the SSD2119 Display Cotroller as 0x9919. But I have problems writing command and data to the display.

When I compare the timing with a logic analyzer it seems that with the STM32F429 FMC the A0 address line is changed too late from command (low) to data (high) (see attached figure, marker B) compared to the working STMF4Discovery board which is equipped with a STM32F407 with a FSMC. It also seems the the data is put on the bus with the wrong endianess (please see attached figures).

My FMC configuration:

  FMC_NORSRAMInitTypeDef  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure;
  FMC_NORSRAMTimingInitTypeDef  p;


/*-- FSMC Configuration ------------------------------------------------------*/
/*----------------------- SRAM Bank 1 ----------------------------------------*/
  /* FMC_Bank1_NORSRAM1 configuration */

  p.FMC_AddressSetupTime = 7;     
  p.FMC_AddressHoldTime = 7;      
  p.FMC_DataSetupTime = 15;        
  p.FMC_BusTurnAroundDuration = 15;
  p.FMC_CLKDivision = 15;          
  p.FMC_DataLatency = 15;          
  p.FMC_AccessMode = FMC_AccessMode_A;

  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_Bank = FMC_Bank1_NORSRAM1;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_DataAddressMux = FMC_DataAddressMux_Disable;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_MemoryType = FMC_MemoryType_SRAM;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_MemoryDataWidth = FMC_NORSRAM_MemoryDataWidth_16b;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_BurstAccessMode = FMC_BurstAccessMode_Disable;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_AsynchronousWait = FMC_AsynchronousWait_Disable;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_WaitSignalPolarity = FMC_WaitSignalPolarity_Low;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_WrapMode = FMC_WrapMode_Disable;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_WaitSignalActive = FMC_WaitSignalActive_BeforeWaitState;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_WriteOperation = FMC_WriteOperation_Enable;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_WaitSignal = FMC_WaitSignal_Disable;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_ExtendedMode = FMC_ExtendedMode_Disable;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_WriteBurst = FMC_WriteBurst_Disable;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_ContinousClock = FMC_CClock_SyncOnly;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_ReadWriteTimingStruct = &p;
  FMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FMC_WriteTimingStruct = &p;


  /* Enable FSMC NOR/SRAM Bank1 */

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Kind Regards