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STM32Foxx CRC: usage of HAL Drivers

Question asked by stanzani.marco on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by stanzani.marco
I want to make the CRC progress as soon as I receive bytes so I want to calculate partial CRCs as soon as the packet is entering the system. Should I use 
HAL_CRC_Accumulate with buffer size =1?
I also deal with bytes incoming and want to get a 16 bit CRC. Should I simply cast to (uint_16 the 32 bit results)
I cannot fing so many C example on the web ... some initial questions 
- how can I setup the peripheral to work with 8 bit data and generating a 16bit CRC?
- how can I set a generator polynomial for MODBUS (0xA01 16 bits)? It looks like Cube MX 4,13 does not allow to disable automatic poly generation from the MX GUI ... see separate post). Or maybe the STM32F030K6 (target device)  does not allow manual poly assignment (which is crazy, IMO)