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usb virtual com STM32F103ZE, PC detected as "Unknown Device" - SOLVED

Question asked by bruno.vincenzo on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by bruno.vincenzo
On my board, I want to activate the virtual com usb, but not function.
I generated of the simple code with STM32CubeMx, enabling only USB and UART1 pins of the STM32F103ZE. The project make with Cubemx is attached. 
The same code on demoboard STM3210E-EVAL working properly, in fact the PC sees the virtual com. I change only a parameter, the HSE Prediv Value, 1 for eval board, 2 for my board, because the crystal is different, 8MHz vs 16MHz respectively.
While my board does not work.
I attach scheme of my board.
Some advice? You have no idea what it is?
Thanks so much.