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Has anyone managed to sub-licence a USB PID from ST?

Question asked by Bull.Harvey on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by Bull.Harvey

I am developing a product for a small company. It primarily works through a touchscreen however it is intended that data can be read from the device to a PC via USB. When our device goes to market it will need a unique VID/PID pair. We have contacted the USB Implementer's Forum to clarify our options since the purchase of a VID and its 65536 associated PIDs from them costs $5000. The USB-IF suggested "it is possible that [our] situation qualifies to use the STMicroelectronics VID". There are numerous posts around
the web about how FTDI and Microchip will share their 64k of PIDs but I've had a hard time getting anywhere with ST. 

There seems to be no one to ask directly, so we got one of their distributors involved. After a number of weeks we got the attached message (edited to protect the privacy of our client and our contact at the distrubutor). The phrases "during the development" and "revocable" mean that we cannot use the provided PID to go to market. Since the USB-IF sanction our request I can't see why ST should be making this so difficult when in other respects their support is excellent.

Has anybody had a similar or perhaps a better experience to share??