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2 UART running in FreeRTOS

Question asked by matic.ivan on Apr 7, 2016
I use 2 UART ports: UART1 for WiFi and UART4 for debug output.
My goal is to send to UART4 data I received on UART1.
When I use only 1 UART, it works (UART4), everything I typed on keyboard, returned back.

I implemented next:

char RX1[2], RX4[2];
SerialCrtl com4_ctrl, com1_ctrl; // structure for data buffer

void HAL_UART_RxCpltCallback(UART_HandleTypeDef *huart)  /// callback function for UART, adding received data into buffer
    if (huart->Instance == UART4) {
        com4_ctrl.recv_buffer[com4_ctrl.recv_buffer_end++] = RX4[0];
        HAL_UART_Receive_IT(&huart4, RX4, 1);    //activate UART receive interrupt every time
    } else  if (huart->Instance == USART1) {
        com1_ctrl.recv_buffer[com1_ctrl.recv_buffer_end++] = RX1[0];
        HAL_UART_Receive_IT(&huart1, RX1, 1);    //activate UART receive interrupt every time

and function for FreeRTOS (this works when I use only UART4):

void readCom(void const *pvParameters) {
    com1_ctrl.recv_buffer_end = 0;
    memset(com1_ctrl.recv_buffer, 0, sizeof(com1_ctrl.recv_buffer));
    while(1) {
        if (com1_ctrl.recv_buffer_end > 0) {
            //strcpy(com4_ctrl.send_buffer, com4_ctrl.recv_buffer);
            sprintf(com4_ctrl.send_buffer, "OUT> [%s] [%d]\r\n",
                    com4_ctrl.recv_buffer, com1_ctrl.recv_buffer_end);
            com4_ctrl.send_buffer_length = strlen(com4_ctrl.send_buffer);
            //HAL_UART_Transmit(&huart4, com4_ctrl.send_buffer, com4_ctrl.send_buffer_length, 1000);
            HAL_UART_Transmit(&huart4, com1_ctrl.recv_buffer, com4_ctrl.recv_buffer_end, 1000);
            memset(com4_ctrl.send_buffer, 0, sizeof(com4_ctrl.send_buffer));
            memset(com1_ctrl.recv_buffer, 0, sizeof(com1_ctrl.recv_buffer));
            com4_ctrl.send_buffer_length = com1_ctrl.recv_buffer_end = com1_ctrl.recv_buffer_start = 0;

in main() I added these 2 lines for activation of interupt for UART:
HAL_UART_Receive_IT(&huart4, RX4, 1);
HAL_UART_Receive_IT(&huart1, RX1, 1);

I also tried without callback function, I added in thread function what only reads UARTs, but it works also only with one active UART.

Any idea what's wrong here?