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How to convert DCMI captured raw RAM bufferd data into human visible image formate in PC?

Question asked by TRIVEDI.RUTVIJ on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by tomkins.richard
Hi Folks,

I have interfaced OVM7692 CMOS camera with stm32f4xx MCU using DCMI interface.

After capturing image i am taking data into RAM buffer and i have printed those data into UART console and hence i have got the hex values of those images.

Now from uart I have taken them into .txt format (sample is attached here.)

Now my query is after getting these data into PC how can i convert them into human visible image ?

Is there any PC software available or any one have done it before ?

Can I do it with python ? if so how can i proceed ?

Is there any other way ?

OVM7692 has RAW 8-bit, RGB565, QCIF 176x144 (60 fps) features.

Please suggest me here, also let me know if i can provide any more details on the same.

Any help on this would be great appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,