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STM32F4 DMA Interrupt big latency :(

Question asked by soheili.mehdi on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by soheili.mehdi
Hi everybody 
i work on a project and in my project dma sync by timer1 and timer1 as config for pwm and dma trigger on update event. 
i have a big problem. 
my total transient is cost and after finish dma must stop timer to disable output pwm . 
but when dma intruppt triggered ,after 3-4 extra clock timer1 disabled and it make problem for me becuase i loss sync data transfered with pwm pulse :-( 
do you have any idea about this issus :-( 
my pwm freq around 16Mhz and if i redused it under 8Mhz this problem not happened again 
i have problem about it :-( 
tnx for attention