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Question asked by on Apr 1, 2016
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Hardware. Firmware. iOS.


User-Centric Full-Stack Embedded Systems Engineer--An Electrical Engineer that knows how to code or a Computer Scientist that knows how to solder.*,** 

User experience was traditionally thought of as a function of mechanical design but more and more user experience is given forth by the electronics, firmware, and mobile experiences. I believe great design combined with superb engineering create great experiences which in-turn create returning and happy customers. It's not about 10% better, it's about 10x better. 

*Class of 2010 Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech
**Past positions at Apple, Intel, IBM, and HP


  • Hardware Project Management
  • Product Feasibility Studies
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Component Selection
  • Circuit Design  -- [Analog, Mixed-Signal, Digital]
  • PCB Layout -- [Analog, Mixed-Signal, Digital, High-Speed, RF]
  • PCB Fabrication and Assembly Management
  • Firmware Architecture
  • Firmware Implementation
  • iOS Development
  • Sensors


Embedded System Product Design:

Cube Medical
We also did the website:

(Size of a U.S. Quarter, small BLE tracking device)

(Raised $1.2M on Indiegogo, Includes customer testimonial, fun project)

Ledge Charger
Novel iPhone Charger 

Industrial Smart Outlet
Bootstrapped Internal product we sell to a few companies for industrial automation applications

Image Processing:

*Curve Smooth Algorithm for HP Photosmart Printers

GPU Convolution Engine for Animation Compositing