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STM32F7xx Flash interface selection (AXIM or ITCM)

Question asked by Zhong.Wenbin.001 on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by dembek.radoslaw.001
I am confused about the boot setting in STM32F7xx series.
When the boot pin is low, it boots from flash on ITCM interface (0x0020 000) by default, as shown in the screenshot of the manual.

However, in the IAR linker file, the AXIM interface is selected. The program runs ok when downloaded in the flash. So could you tell me is the CPU using ITCM or AXIM interface in this case?


The way to choose AXIM or ITCM flash interface in IAR is to configure the ROM address in the linker file.

For AXIM, ROM starts from 0x08000000, for ITCM, ROM starts from 0x00200000.

So the BOOT_ADD0 setting is not working?