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SPL Code Wizzard

Question asked by dudka.michal.001 on Mar 28, 2016

i am using STM32 few years and long time i was looking for some kind of "code wizzard", like CubeMX, but with SPL. I think old MicroXplorer done this job, but it was so much complicated for my purposes. I coded simple web based wizzard in PHP covering the most boring parts of GPIO and peripheral initialization. Of course i have not much time to write it complex.
There is some GPIO init

Some timer init

and others:

and preparing ADC for F051 chip.

If you fill form at website, it creates C code which you can copy/paste. It creates initialization code and IRQ routines if they are selected... It is not perfect, but i think useful (i am using it more then year). If anybody wants source codes for developing, debuging or other purposes, contact me.
There are some bugs of course. Do you think further development can be useful or its waste of time (most of the time i am using only GPIO and Timer settings) ?

Wish nice day to all.