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Stereo vision?

Question asked by colautti.enrico.002 on Mar 26, 2016
I'm a software guy and I need help for a new project on depth measurement with stereo cameras. There are a few commercial modules available, but they don't fit our requirements because of size or lack of firmware modification. So the idea is to build a module by ourselves.
The main requirement of the project is the synchronization of the left and right images. The ideal resolution is 640x480 or higher but we can do with 320x240 if necessary,
The ideal speed should be 15 - 30 fps.
Searching the net, we found the OpenMV project that uses a STM32F4 chip. It's relatively easy to build, but it's a single camera module.
I would like to know if it's possible to use STM32F4 chips for stereo vision and what is the best solution:
- 1 STM32F4 controlling 2 cameras
- 2 STM32F4 in master slave configuration where the master makes also image analysis
- 3 STM32F4 in master slave configuration with 1 master doing image analysis and 2 slaves controlling the cameras.
The module should have also i2c and spi connections.
Or should we go with another configuration?
As I mentioned at the beginning I'm not an hardware specialist...
Thanks in advance for any help.