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A possibility for monitoring/connecting two ST-Links at the same time to STM-Studio

Question asked by on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by S C
I like to work with STM-Studio and it is a way much better than ordinary debugging/monitoring variables.

But I still could not manage to connect two instances STM-Studio application to two different ST-Links since  the STM-Studio does not recognize more than one ST-Link regard less of how many instances of STM-Studio is running.

It would be very great, if an single instance (or even two instances) of stm-studio could connect to two or different ST-Link devices at the same time monitoring multiple coupled MCU variables in realtime.
Is there any plan to implement that feature in STM-Studio.
Even I would like to know if I could use other debugging interfaces such as J-Link,... to connect to STM-Studio then STM-Studio would be a very amazing product.