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STM32FlashLoader DLLs loading in Delphi

Question asked by Custodio.Nilson on Mar 23, 2016
Hello my friends!
I am here to share with you my experience in linking the software DLLs STM32FlashLoader (AN2606) with Delphi Compiler.
As a base, I used the source files in the installation of STM32FlashLoader Demo. I did not find much on the internet about the connection with Delphi.
I'm not an experienced programmer in Delphi, but I think the easiest compiler market. Anyway the files that make available to you can serve as a basis for those who are having difficulty as well.
My software is limited to STM32F030K6, but can easily be changed to other micros. The MAP file was incorporated into the EXE, but did test loading external files and it worked well.

The software below only serves the Bootloader by USART.

I am willing to ask questions of someone more beginner than me. :)