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I2S Slave Rx Issue with Codec

Question asked by Pachchigar.Pinkesh on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Pachchigar.Pinkesh
Hello ,
Having configured External Codec in I2S master mode , ST -I2S  has been configured as slave with full duplex for audio application
In our environment ,
Sample Freq = 8 KHz , Data-length = 16 bit ,Clock Polarity low and Phillips Standard have been used.

Right now I am having issue with I2S3_ext line which is connected to microphone line of Codec.RX interrupt enabled for I2S3_ext line . Sometimes We received the proper audio signal through this and while other times we got only noisy signal and this noisy signal lasts till user action .
What could be the reason for this ?

I went through ST errata sheet and this could be related to synchronization.Right now based on user action , we start capture data from microphone . In this scenario how can i implement work-around that is mentioned in ST errata sheet ?
Is there anything I am missing or if anything else please let me know ?

- Pinkesh