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STM32F103ZE, debugging imprecise bus fault

Question asked by Javier.Michael on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by Clive One

I am still debugging a bus fault for almost 4 months.
I read about DISDEFWBUF flag from ACTLR, then, i check the register window. what I have there is ACR register which contains DISDEFWBUF bit.

I tried to set that bit using register window input also, through hardcode by:
long* plFlag = (long*)(0xE000E008);
plFlag = 0x02;

how ever, it doesnt set.

I would like to ask for help if anyone know how to set this? if it is possible?

I read also that there is 3 revision of Cortex M3, the oldest one doesnt have the DISDEFWBUF. I am searching if STM32F103ZE happen to fall to the oldest revision of Cortex M3.

Also, if someone can advice me if there is a tool which can help debugging easy.
I read about the ETM, though im not yet familiar to this. Im currently using ST Link, EAWRM and NORTi for the OS,