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STM32F030CC stm32f0xx.h configuration

Question asked by karlis77 on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by karlis77
Hello all.
I am trying to configure UART interrupts, but I can't seem to find where/how to define which MCU am I using. When I made the project I chose the STM32F030CC which I am using, but in stm32f0xx.h file it seems like STM32f030 is selected. 
I will add some screenshots so it is easier to understand. 

/* Uncomment the line below according to the target STM32F0 device used in your
#if !defined (STM32F030) && !defined (STM32F031) && !defined (STM32F051) && \
    !defined (STM32F072) && !defined (STM32F042) && !defined (STM32F091) && \
    !defined (STM32F070xB) && !defined (STM32F070x6) && !defined (STM32F030xC)
  /* #define STM32F030 */  
  /* #define STM32F031 */  
  /* #define STM32F051 */  
  /* #define STM32F072 */
  /* #define STM32F070xB */  
  /* #define STM32F042 */
  /* #define STM32F070x6 */  
  /* #define STM32F091 */
  /* #define STM32F030xC   */

I deleted /* */ in the #define STM32f030xC but it is still in gray color, and does not let me to compile.


This is how it looks like on /*!< Interrupt Number Definition */ section , STM32F030xC section is gray, but STM32F030 is not. 

I uploaded stm32f0xx.h too. Can someone please help?