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Design clarification about STM32F302VB

Question asked by Priyadharshini.P on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by Priyadharshini.P
Dear Sir,

We are new to ST controllers.Actually we used PIC16F series for our projects.Now we are decided to move ST controllers due to its performance and its lower cost.So we decided to choose STM32F302VBT6(LQFP-100) for our application.

From the datasheet and referenc manuals i have completed my schematic.But still i want some more clarifications regarding the schematic design.

1.I chose PA0 as ADC input.another function of the pin is "Wakeup".Is it ok to choose this pin as ADC?If i use this pin as wake up then what will be the hardware design for that.?

2.Is PA1 port RS-485 EN pin?shall i connect EN pin of RS-485 here.?

3.where is BOOT1 pin for this STM32F302VB ?

4.I Used 3 USART pins for,Tx,EN)
3.GPS(Rx,Tx).the chosen ports are found ok?

5.What is the purpose of TRACE CK,TRACE D0,TRACE D1,TRACE D2,TRACE D3?
Is it neccesity to connect those pins?    

6.shall i use PD8-PD12 as I/O s?