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Wrong high Baud Rate on STM32L052 [SOLVED]

Question asked by dolezal.ivan on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by dolezal.ivan
I am setting the Baud Rate of USART1 by the HAL MX_USART1_UART_Init() function as
huart1.Init.BaudRate = br;
I am also checking the BRR register setting by debugger and I am measuring a real BR on TXD by scope.
BR source clock is PCLK2 from MSI (f = 4.192 MHz). Oversampling remains 16.

Output is correct up to br=260000 (BRR=16) but for br>=270000 (BRR<=15) is output about 1000 Bd or even lower.
Is it a severe hardware bug or what?

Thank you for any information.