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Byte-wise only CRC for STM32L486?

Question asked by lane.dustin on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by lane.dustin
I'm using the CRC unit on the STM32L486. In the reference manual it states that:
"CRC computation is done on the whole 32-bit data
word or byte by byte depending on the format of the data being written."

However, later in the documentation it states that:
"The data size can be dynamically adjusted to minimize the number of write accesses for a given number of bytes. For instance, a CRC for 5 bytes can be computed with a word write followed by a byte write."

From my use of the CRC unit, it seems that I can only achieve the latter statement, which does a byte by byte calculation. Even if I write a whole word to the Data Register (DR), it will process the word a byte at a time.
From the first statement, it appears that the CRC should also do word-wise calculations, but I have not been able to accomplish that. 
Can I do word-wise calculations with this CRC or only byte-wise?

Any guidance or clarification on the capabilities of this MCU's CRC peripheral would be greatly appreciated!