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Cannot combine TIM15/16/17, STM32F030R8

Question asked by on Mar 14, 2016
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I found an error in RM0360  about TIM15/16/17. 

It says TIM15 is able to act as a slave timer and triggerred by TIM16 or TIM17 (On page 403, slave timer is TIM15, when chosse ITR2, TIM16 acts as external trigger). But according to "TIM16 and TIM17 block diagram" on page 374, TIM16/17 have no TRGO signal. Also, I cannot find the master mode bits when check the registers of TIM16/17.

So, I think there may be something wrong about these 3 timers. TIM15 cannot be triggered by TIM16/17, right? But when I check the homepage of STM32F030x8, I cannot find any docs about this issue. I really confused about this problem, because I need a 32-bit timer but TIM1/3 have been occupied. 

I would like to konw that whether TIM15 and TIm16 can be connected together. And how to connect them.

Thank you.