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The best sequency to initialize RCT in STM32f37x

Question asked by georgiev.zdravko on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by georgiev.zdravko
I've tried to access the document in the, but the result is 404 server error. 
What I'm trying to do is initialize a RCT clocked from HSE 12 MHz quarz. It's initializing after I restart it from the debugger several times, otherwise it's unable to initialize. Absolute mystery... Here is the code:

void RTC_Config(struct tm* ptm) {
     RTC_InitTypeDef RTC_InitStructure;
  RTC_TimeTypeDef  RTC_TimeStruct;
     RTC_DateTypeDef RTC_DateStruct;
  /* Enable the PWR clock */
  RCC_APB1PeriphClockCmd(RCC_APB1Periph_PWR, ENABLE);
  /* Allow access to RTC */
  /* For HSE no need of clock domain reset!!! */
//  RCC_BackupResetCmd(ENABLE);
//      RCC_BackupResetCmd(DISABLE);
  /* Select the RTC Clock Source */
//      RCC_HSEConfig(RCC_HSE_ON);
  /* Configure the RTC data register and RTC prescaler */
  RTC_InitStructure.RTC_AsynchPrediv = 0x7C;
  RTC_InitStructure.RTC_SynchPrediv  = 0xBB7;
  RTC_InitStructure.RTC_HourFormat   = RTC_HourFormat_24;
  while(RTC_Init(&RTC_InitStructure)!=SUCCESS) {
          /* Enable the RTC Clock */
  /* Set the time to 00h 00mn 00s AM */
  RTC_TimeStruct.RTC_H12     = RTC_H12_AM;
  RTC_TimeStruct.RTC_Hours   = ptm->tm_hour;
  RTC_TimeStruct.RTC_Minutes = ptm->tm_min;
  RTC_TimeStruct.RTC_Seconds = ptm->tm_sec;   
  RTC_SetTime(RTC_Format_BIN, &RTC_TimeStruct);
     RTC_DateStruct.RTC_Year = ptm->tm_year;
     RTC_DateStruct.RTC_Month = ptm->tm_mon;
     RTC_DateStruct.RTC_Date = ptm->tm_mday;
     RTC_DateStruct.RTC_WeekDay = ptm->tm_wday;
     RTC_SetDate(RTC_Format_BIN, &RTC_DateStruct);
  /* Wait for RTC APB registers synchronisation */