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DCMI , DMA and DMA2D on STM32Nucleo f429ZI

Question asked by radu.paul on Mar 4, 2016
I just bought my new STM32Nucle f429zi and started to read about DCMI(Digital Camera Interface) because my project it's about image processing.

It is clear for me what DCMI does,the part I don't understand very clear is the DMA and DMA2D behavior.I read that DCMI has a 4 byte FIFO linked to DMA,and I also read that DMA2D is a special more powerful DMA interface that is very useful for image manipulation.

So here comes my questions :
Has the DMA2D any direct link to DCMI ?
If not,the DCMI-DMA-DMA2D link is the answer ? 
How can I control where the DMA will store my pixel data,to pass further to the DMA2D ? 

Thank you.