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write pages 0-3 when RDP is on over STM32F100 RCT6B

Question asked by turconi.diego on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by kk

My problem is this, i have a product that have in the pages 0-3 a bootloader, and the RDP is state ON to protect my code, then the application code (120KB). All works fine and with this bootloader i can change the applicacion code without problems. But now i need to change the bootloader with the only code that i can, this is from the application code, but i read a PDF that when RDP is ON the page 0-3 is protected to write and if a try to change the RDP to unprotect the pages this generate a mass erase and need to reset to take effect the RDP OFF to program the pages 0-3 but i dont have code to execute when return from the reset and the equipment will be lost. The equipments are on the customers because of that they have to be send to my to program again all, the bootloader and the application code.

Any suggestion about that.

thanks Diego